Welcome to the New Annabooks Online Store

We are excited about a new way to purchase and view our books in an easy-to-use flipbook viewer.  As a small book publisher, Annabooks has worked with bigger players to deliver niche books to the market. We started publishing eBooks on Amazon in 2011, and the ability to get the books into the customers’ hands instantly, worldwide was a big shift from printed books.

The move to eBooks was not without problems. Our technical books, with graphics, charts, and tables, are not a good fit for the older eBook formats and reader technologies that are more geared for text based fictional books. The effort to transform books to these older eBook formats took longer than creating a printed edition. The eBooks were in color, but the look and feel didn’t match what was originally seen in print. Another problem was the revenue. The bigger players take a larger piece of the pie just for selling the book. A lot of time and energy goes into creating a book, and niche books like ours have small sales; so small royalty payments were hard to justify. Part of the cost was the assurance that eBooks were protected; but as it turned out, it is very easy to break Digital Rights Management (DRM) that the big players are using.

There was an Annabooks store many years ago for our printed books, but the site maintenance and payment processing services were a hassle. The good news is that technology evolves. Easier to manage e-commerce site solutions are available. Better payment processing companies have come into the market. Flipbooks are providing an easier path to produce eBooks and a better way to view eBooks online. After some research, we have come up with this online e-commerce site that will give us some independence, security, and help propel us forward into the future. We are starting small by selling eBooks, only, with the goal to also sell printed books in the future.  A lot has happened over the past year, but we are excited about the future of our book publishing. Welcome to the new Annabooks Online Store.