Professional’s Guide to POS for Windows Runtime eBook Now Available!

Mobile computing has changed the way programs are being written. Microsoft introduced Unified Windows Programs (UWP)/Windows Runtime to reach a wide range of Windows devices. POS for .NET, which is the .NET programming solution of the Unified POS standard, supports the older Windows Form application model. For UWP, Microsoft has introduced Windows
Runtime API support to access POS devices such as Scanners and POS printers, as well as, bridging technologies to interact with POS for .NET for the remaining devices supported by the Unified POS standard.

POS for Windows Runtime and POS for .NET allows POS developers to write one application that supports POS devices from different equipment manufacturers. This follow-on to Professional’s Guide to POS for .NET provides a foundation for those interested in learning the basics of POS for Windows Runtime applications. Since applications are mobile, the TabletKiosk® TufTab i60XT Rugged Tablet is used as an example mobile target platform. The book has 5 chapters covering the following:

  • Device discovery and Enumeration Techniques.
  • Example applications for Bar Code Scanner, POS Printer, Cash Drawer, Magnetic Stripe Reader, and Poll Display devices.
  • A walk-through for a bridge Windows Runtime to POS for .NET technology implementation to interact with a POS Scale.
  • Over 17 exercises and examples written in C# including a multi-application with database inventory example.