Windows® XP Embedded Advanced (eBook)


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Windows XP Embedded Advanced (XPEA) was written to provide an in-depth how-to guide for OEMs and developers looking to develop with Windows XP Embedded. Although the book title says “Advanced”, the book’s content ranges from beginners to advanced developers looking for a reference. Included are instructions for installing the development tools, building a first XP Embedded operating system, downloading it to the target device, and running the newly created OS from the target. Also provided are insights on developing Windows XP Embedded images. In addition, key differences between Windows XP Embedded and NT Embedded, its immediate predecessor, are covered, as are recent updates to the operating system. All of the development tools are covered, including embedded features such as headless operation, booting from CD-ROM, and remote access and administration. An advanced topics section provides detailed instruction on subjects such as boot-time reduction, booting from flash memory devices, multiprocessor systems, and dual video systems.