Professional’s Guide to .NET Micro Framework Application Development (eBook)


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The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework brings Microsoft’s embedded expertise to resource-constrained devices, allowing device makers to bring products to market faster and at lower cost. TCP/IP and Web Services for devices functionality makes the .NET Micro Framework a compelling platform for a new generation of smart, connected, service-oriented devices. Its compact footprint (as little as 64 kilobytes) and support for 32-bit embedded processors without an MMU help keep per-device costs low, and a managed driver model makes it easier to develop device drivers. .NET Micro Framework applications are written in C# using either Visual Studio 2010 or Visual® C# Express 2010 Edition.

Professional’s Guide to .NET Micro Framework Application Development provides the most advanced treatment of the .NET Micro Framework SDK available. Over 40 hands-on exercises guide the developer through the tools and APIs available in the .NET Micro Framework SDK.  Nineteen chapters cover the basic operation, hardware I/O support, basic networking, graphical interfaces, storage, and the final sample projects to tie the different features together. Example Visual Studio® projects are available for the most popular .NET MF platforms on the market.

Features include:

  • Individual chapter coverage of GPIO, Serial ports, SPI, ADC, PWM, and networking
  • The best coverage of GUI development from the SDK
  • Robotic projects demonstrate full system implementation

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