Last Updated January 10, 2022

We have made the store site simple and easy to use. All the books are presented in a flipbook viewer. The following guide provides the basics that you need to know.

Creating a New Account

An account is needed to purchase eBooks and to access purchased eBooks. You must first register for a new account on the My account page. There is a place to simply register for an account. Enter your e-mail address, and you will be taken to the account Dashboard. An e-mail containing the randomly generated password will be sent to the address that you entered. You can change the password to something you will remember. Once you have created the account you can purchase books for your library. Books can only be read via the store online.

Note: Any accounts that have not made a purchase will be terminated after 90 days.

Accessing Purchased Books

The books can only be accessed via an online account. Once you have made a purchase, the eBook will be made available in your account. Sign in to your account and you will be brought to the Dashboard page.

Click on “Purchased Books” and a page with all your purchased books will appear. Click on the book, and the book will open into the flipbook viewer.

Reading the Book in Flipbook Viewer

Once you open a book to read, the flipbook viewer will load the book. Because of the site headers and footers, you will not see the whole book.

1. Scroll down the page and you will see the flipbook view controls. The controls allow you to open a navigation list on the left side of the screen, disable sounds, zoom in, and maximize the viewer.

2. For the best reading display, maximize the viewer.

3. Click on the 4 squares to bring up the navigation side bar.

4. Press the ESC key or the maximize button, again, to exit the full-screen view.

View Orders and Request Refunds

Click on the Orders item in the Dashboard to bring up the orders you have purchased in the store. You have 10 days to request a refund for any purchased orders. If you request a refund, the refund will be for the whole order. Partial refunds are not accepted. Your contact information must match your payment card in order to request a refund.